Based in the Eugene/Springfield area, Northwest Health Partners is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), offering administrative services, as well as fee-for-service and value-based contract services to physician groups in Oregon.

We exist to:

  • Provide superior service to our patients, our referring physicians, insurers and the hospitals we serve.
  • Reduce health care costs through efficiencies and best practices that benefit insurers, physicians and patients.
  • Help independent physician groups remain autonomous, viable and physician-led by providing services that allow doctors to focus their time and energy on patients, not paperwork.
  • Create a healthier community for everyone through coordinated care, improved access and better patient outcomes.

Our history

In 2004, the vision for a more integrated group of independent specialists became the concept for Northwest Specialty Clinics, which evolved into a specialty care leader in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, and surrounding areas. This vision coalesced around several key principles that included providing innovative, coordinated care.

In 2018, Northwest Specialty Clinics became a Management Service Organization (MSO) and Northwest Health Partners formed as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) of independent physician groups in Oregon, whose mission is to improve the quality of and access to health care, while controlling costs, to promote overall community wellness.